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Suncook Youth Soccer runs a fall outdoor league beginning in August and running mid-way through October. Divisions are available for children ages 3-18. The majority of games are played on Pembroke’s Memorial field, although travel divisions venture to other nearby towns.

Register Online: suncookyouthsoccer.sportssignup.com

Suncook Youth Soccer offers recreational soccer for the following divisions.
U4, U6, U8, U10, U14, U14, & U16/U19.  It is customary to spend 2 seasons in each division.  Players are encouraged to play with their appropriate age group.  Each division is designed to teach specific skills and builds on the previous seasons so by the time a player completes 11 v 11 soccer at U14, they will have a thorough knowledge of the game and a great foundation of skills.

Division Breakdown: These are the 2015 age breakdowns for each division:

U4: Aug 1, 11 to Jul 31, 12
U6: Aug 1, 09 to Jul 31, 11
U8: Aug 1, 07 to Jul 31, 09
U10: Aug 1, 05 to Jul 31, 07
U12: Aug 1, 03 to Jul 31, 05
U14: Aug 1, 01 to Jul 31, 03
U16/U19: Aug 1, 96to Jul 31, 01

Special needs players:
Please check out this program for players with special needs.  TOPSoccer.

Picking Teams: 

This year SYS will be contracting with Seacoast United for team placement. Assessment will  be conducted by Seacoast United for team placement for divisions U8, U10 and U12. The following dates are mandatory, however times are tbd. August 6th and August 13th at Memorial Field. Seacoast will also be putting the teams together based on assessments. SYS will contact coaches with team information the week of August 15th.

Past History:
Suncook Youth Soccer has implemented a blind draft system for picking teams.  To help promote competion and a challenge for all teams, our blind draft system tries to evenly distribute players across a division so all teams are challenged.  There is nothing gained in player development by a team that is unchallenged.

A blind draft is conducted for all divisions starting at U8.  Each team has 2 exemptions; usually it will be a coach and assistant coach’s children.  All other players are divided into first and second season players and then split by gender.  Each team (blindly) selects an equal quantity from face down names within a category.  Sibling the are in the same division are also placed on the same team for obvious reasons.

Short of individual player evaluations, this is the best solution to help ensure healthy competion.  We may work toward individual evaluations in the future.

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