SYS would like to incorporate Top Soccer as a new program to Suncook. Top Soccer is designed for special needs children whether it be a emotional or physical aspect that may be challenging for them to participate in a large group.

 This is a soccer program that will get special needs players involved with soccer. Initially SYS wants to bring this program to our area and run it like another division. SYS is in the very early stages of this process. We are just now making contacts in the special needs community and starting to determine size of the program. We could start by holding a short clinic as an introduction to what could become it’s own division with 2 or 3 small sided teams, set up in the U4-U6 model. A 3 v3 team structure. If not enough, I would at a minimum like to be able to offer a skills clinic for as many will attend. My vision is that this would be FREE for the participants and expenses would be paid for by sponsorships and fund raising. This program will be provided to give the kids a place to experience what it’s like to play an organized sport on a team with uniforms just like their peers. It will also be important to partner with special needs educators and specialist to generate expertise in our organization. I also want the parents of these kids to get a break and be able to just watch from the sideline as their child has a fun experience on the fields.

Please check out the website for more information.

If you are interested in assisting with this program , please contact a board member.  Thank You!

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