Spring Kickers Program

Spring Kickers Registration is now done. Please check back in early 2014 for more information!

The Spring Kickers Program will return this year for ages 3-4.  Online registration begins March 1, 2013. This is an 8 week program starting April 21, 2013. Games are played early Sunday afternoon. The cost is only $25 (includes shirt)! ______________________________________________________________________________

7 Responses to “Spring Kickers Program”

  1. Dwayne Gilman says:

    As usual, another great year of sign ups and putting the teams together. Great job to all

  2. Mike Bartlett says:

    I put my 3 daughters on the waiting list for soccer. They were one of the first ones on the waiting list and then I find out the season has started and my daughters weren’t put on teams. I understand there is room on teams will I still be able to sign them up?

  3. mike devoe says:

    could we put the travel sponsors on our web site also?
    malco distributors of new england and
    also Bradys team LDG corp I think.

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